A major whistleblowing incident occurred in 2002, when Glenn Walp and Steve Doran blew the whistle on the corruption, cover-ups, mismanagement and security failures at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This act resulted in lab leadership attempting to discredit Walp and Doran, by spewing outrageous lies against them. But in this case justice prevailed when the media, the public and congress caught lab leaders in their egregious acts of lies, deceit and deception. Fortunately for all Americans, this whistleblowing act uncovered the dark underbelly of the lab, exposing for all to see, its corruption, cover-ups and crime, all which had a negative effect on the security of America. For whistleblowing, Glenn and Steve paid a great price at the hands of certain lab leadership. They were fired because - according to lab leadership - they didn’t fit into the lab’s corporate philosophy that valued cover-up, over truth and honesty.

But Walp shot back, authoring a book in 2010, about his experiences at Los Alamos, to include what whistleblowing does to the whistle blower when they are hunted, hated and hounded. The book is titled, Implosion at Los Alamos: How Crime, Corruption and Cover-ups Jeopardizes America’s Nuclear Weapons Secrets. The book is a cautionary tale of how corruption had taken over certain lab leaders who were bent on keeping their lucrative jobs, even if their corruptive acts placed America in jeopardy of potential terrorist attacks.

What does a person have to endure when whistleblowing is your only option Steve and Glenn were asked? Both responded, you must be able to endure the hardships, pains, and rejection, that is, regrettably, inherit in this act. We endured the pangs for America said Walp – and we would do it again if that is what we had to do to protect the America we love.

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