Project on Government Oversight

Project on government oversight – Project on government oversight (POGO) is a Washington, D.C. based governmental watchdog group. It has a continuous record of successful efforts in exposing corruption and cover-up within governmental agencies. One of their most noteworthy cases was when this group assisted in the uncovering of corruption and cover-ups at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2002. Glenn Walp and Steve Doran, the two lab investigators who brought to light this corruption and cover-up, worked hand in hand with the project on government oversight to bring this egregious issue to the public and congress. They did extensive foundational work that led to 3 congressional hearings, where congress blasted lab leaders for their deplorable behavior in attempting to cover-up the crime, corruption and mismanagement at the lab. Project on government oversight was instrumental in getting congress to severely chastise lab leadership for their wholesale leadership failures and blatant corruption. It was also lauded for their assistance in forcing the University of California to bid for the Los Alamos contract, for the first time since the beginning of the Manhattan Project.

Walp authored a book in 2010 on this corrupt activity, that project on government oversight helped expose, while explaining in his book how this group specifically assisted Steve and him on how to personally fight back against this widespread corruption.

Implosion At Los Alamos is a must read for all Americans concerned about the security of their national secrets, terroristic attacks against the homeland, and how project on government oversight is fighting for the protection of their tax  dollars and national security.

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