Nuclear Holocaust

According to 2010 intelligence experts, America can expect another attempt of terrorism on American soil equal to 9/11 or worse, to include the possible devastation of a nuclear holocaust.  These experts warn, and warn, and warn again, that these attacks could include nuclear terrorism of unbelievable proportions.

Glenn Walp in his 2010 book, entitled, Implosion At Los Alamos: How Crime, Corruption and Cover-Ups Jeopardize America’s Nuclear Weapons Secrets, has outlined - with documented facts - the real and present danger of potential nuclear terrorism striking at the heart of America to the same level that the experts warn. Walp supports his perspective of the possible nuclear holocaust, by revealing how the crime, corruption and cover-ups he uncovered at Los Alamos in 2002, could possibly have placed United States squarely in the sights of a potential nuclear holocaust.

When we speak of a nuclear holocaust, proposes Walp, we are talking about an attack that kills thousands, perhaps millions of Americans, while leaving large portions of United States in barren wastelands.

At Los Alamos, secret information was illegally downloaded; over 500 computers, potentially containing classified information, were either lost or stolen; a lab employee walked out the front gate with hundreds of pages of classified information stuffed in a backpack; and classified flashcards, thumb drives and computer disks were lost – giving terrorist potential access to this data – data that could possibly bring a nuclear attack to America’s doorstep.

If America is to stop a potential nuclear holocaust from hitting the homeland, then governmental entities and citizens alike must take serious steps to stop our national secrets from getting in the hands of potential terrorist who have their hearts and minds focused on a nuclear attack, and who have the passion to deliver their payload of a nuclear holocaust to these United States.

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